Deposit accounts

Deposit accounts

Deposits are a favoured form of investment in Azerbaijan, since they are safe and liquid instruments, particularly for the more conservative investor.

Classic account

We offer opportunity of earning more interest income on term deposit depending on the short and long term placement. Based on the customer's choice, the accrued interest amount is transferred to the current account of the customer on a monthly, quarterly basis or at the end of period. By placing deposit with us our clients are entitled to additional benefits.

Fiduciary account

Fiduciary deposit enables our customers to place their assets with PASHA Private Banking through foreign partner banks. The placement of funds is made in the name of a foreign bank, but the customer acts as an ultimate beneficiary of the deposit. This product provides clients with high level of confidentiality and helps to create banking history with leading foreign banks.

Child Deposit

The “Child Deposit” product was specially created to obtain the secured future for our customers’ children. According to the product conditions, the deposit is opened in the child's name. The accumulated funds become available to the child upon reaching the age of majority. The minimum deposit amount is AZN 10,000.