Yes. You can become a client by paying annual service fee.

Deposits, which are traditional banking services, are short-term, stable, but low-income. Presented in both short and long-term perspective, investment products provide high profitability, especially in foreign currency, and have stability and risk level. Some products have the same risk level as deposits, but a higher rate of return. 

Salary, sale and purchase or lease agreement, insurance account, deposit guarantee, dividends and such other documents are sufficient to confirm the income of a client.

Opening of an account in any currency is free after becoming a client.

PASHA Bank mobile application includes a PASHA Private Banking section with a unique design. The mobile application allows to carry out low limits, inter-account transfers, payments through templates and other operations. 

Wealth management is a service that combines the preparation of investment or financial proposals meeting your demands, as well as consulting service.

A personal relationship manager is the main contact person between the client and the bank. He/she provides 24/7 continuous support to clients by responding to all kinds of banking inquiries without the need of coming to the bank.

A document confirming the destination is required to make international payments between the accounts. Documents may not be attached in transfers in the amount of 1,000 AZN/EUR/USD/GBP.

You can become a client of PASHA Private Banking by investing AZN/EUR/USD/GBP 100,000 or opening a deposit account starting from 100,000 AZN.

We offer personal financial services and banking products to high-income individuals. At the same time, risk-free management of a client’s income is ensured with high professionalism and full protection of confidentiality.

As our client, you can benefit from support and consulting services in managing your wealth and income, 24/7 personal client manager, high confidentiality, deposit boxes, premium partnership opportunities and other advantages.