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Daha ətraflı
Investment corner | 30.11.2023

EV Sales Drive Lithium Prices

Following report is an executive summary from our partner BCA Research’s Market Focus strategy series.

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Campaigns | 17.11.2023

15% discount at “Chenot Palace”

PASHA Private Banking clients will receive a 15% discount on payments for exclusive treatment programs and 5-star hotel services.

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Lifestyle | 04.11.2023

PASHA Bank won the "Best Private Bank 2024" award

PASHA Bank - the leading corporate financial institution in Azerbaijan, has accomplished another milestone on the global stage. Thus, in the "World's Best Private Banks" competition run by the "Global Finance" magazine, the Bank emerged victorious as the "Best Private Bank in Azerbaijan 2024" nominee.

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Lifestyle | 07.07.2023

An art exhibition is being held at the PASHA Private Banking office

PASHA Private Banking creates a bridge between the world of art and "private banking" inside the office, offering its clients safe management of their wealth while investing in art.

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Investment corner | 21.06.2023

Will AI lead to more competition?

We bring to your attention the report prepared by PASHA Private Banking experts with reference to BCA Research, which acts as a world-famous global investment research and investment strategy consultancy

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Lifestyle | 31.05.2023

The exhibition of handicrafts of local artists

Enrich your wealth with valuable works of art

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Real Estate | 31.05.2023

Invest in Dubai

PASHA Private Banking provides you an opportunity to invest in real estate in Dubai without visiting the city.

Daha ətraflı
Finance | 31.05.2023

High returns on USD deposits

"PASHA Private Banking" offers high returns on USD deposits