Portfolio management

With active portfolio management solutions, you can entrust the management of your portfolio to our experts


Planned steps

First, our investment team determines your risk appetite and goals. A portfolio matching your goals will be created only after taking these steps

Common goals

We constantly work with you to develop an individual investment strategy focused on your goals.

Right direction

Our advisors predict many points of how world events and market trends can affect you and guide you to adjust your investments on time.

Fixed income portfolio

We recommend this portfolio if you wish to receive stable interest income for a set length of time. A fixed income portfolio is a collection of investments that generates a steady and predictable stream of income. 


This type of portfolio typically consists of fixed income securities, such as government bonds, corporate bonds, municipal bonds and other debt instruments. The main objective of a fixed income portfolio is to provide a stable and reliable source of income for the investor. Fixed income investments offer less variability, risk and returns than equity investments.

Model portfolios

The concept of risk is different for each potential investor. We offer 5 model portfolios according to the risk profile. Model portfolios are built on stocks, bonds and commodity assets. These portfolios are formed based on the criteria of risk and profitability through the diversification of the mentioned assets.

Choose your investment model Determine your risk profile

  • This portfolio is typically designed to minimize risk and volatility while providing some potential for long-term growth. A major portion of a very conservative portfolio is made up of government bonds of various maturities and assets deemed less hazardous, such as gold. These types of investments are usually designed for investors who are very risk averse.

  • A conservative portfolio is an investment strategy focused on stocks of small mid-cap and large-cap companies, along with bonds of various highly rated companies and governments with low or moderate volatility. This type of investment is usually intended for investors who wish to allocate a small portion of their portfolio to equity investment.

  • A balanced portfolio is a strategy that includes investing in the bonds of various high-rated companies, in addition to investing in stocks of large and mid-cap companies. This type of investment strategy is usually designed for investors who want to achieve moderate growth in their portfolio without taking too much risk.

  • A growth portfolio is an investment portfolio designed to achieve high growth potential by investing in stocks and other assets with high return potential over the long term. A growth portfolio is an investment strategy that typically focuses on stocks of a wide variety of companies. This type of investment strategy is usually intended for investors with a high risk-taking ability.

  • The main purpose of this portfolio is to achieve maximum capital growth by investing in assets with the highest return potential, such as emerging market stocks, small-cap stocks and technology stocks. Aggressive growth portfolios are designed for investors with a high degree of risk appetite as they focus on high-growth companies and high-risk investments.

Individual portfolios

We understand that investors are different, which is why we stay in constant contact with the customers to assess and understand their goals and aspirations. As a result, we develop an investment portfolio specifically designed to meet the needs of each customer.

We create several portfolios, such as domestic bond portfolio, fixed income portfolio, cash flow portfolio, etc. to suit different needs of our customers. These portfolios are intended for investors who do not want to participate in any segment of the financial market or investment instrument, as well as require a special investment approach.

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