Structured products

With the help of structured products, you can freely define the level of profitability you want, the type of assets and the degree of risk.


Discover the products that suits you the best

Structured products are debt securities that incorporate equity characteristics through both a bond component and derivative financial instruments. These products are usually issued by investment banks with high rating.
•    Portfolio customization
•    Analysis of scenarios to see the potential revenue of a particular product selected
•    Reference to previous performances

Capital protected structural products

These products are intended for the clients who want to benefit from the change in the market price of chosen assets in the stock, commodity, metal and other markets, while protecting their capital. The invested capital is fully paid back to the investor at the end of the term. Furthermore, the investor has the option to profit from changes in the market price of the external asset to which this structural note is tied over a specific time period.

Bonds convertible into shares

They are intended for investors who want to get higher returns than from a standard bond, as well as determine their own risk appetite and level of return. This product combines the features of both equity and bond products. Regardless of the stock index the product monitors, the investor receives an annual coupon income.

Bond portfolio - Domestic market

Considering the highly profitable environment of the Azerbaijani bond market, this portfolio combines highly profitable and strong companies in the domestic market. The portfolio is highly diversified at the expense of bonds of various local companies, including Eurobonds of the Government of sovereign Azerbaijan.

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