Thematic products

Thematic products are designed for the customers who want to invest in different fields. You can benefit from the thematic products we offer, as well as receive consultation on the field of your choice.


Islamic capital and funds

This product is governed by the basic principles of Sharia and Islam to ensure investment returns are Sharia compliant. First developed as a concept in the 1960s, Islamic funds continue to grow in popularity. Investment can be made at a single company level (equity) or at the fund level.

Sukuk and its principles

The basic principle of Sukuk, popularly known as Islamic or Shariah-compliant 'Bond', is that the owner has undivided ownership of a particular asset and is therefore entitled to receive an income from that asset.

Prohibition of accrual or receipt of interest

According to the Shariah, the profit or gain of the investor is not related to the interest on the investment. The investor's income is linked to the profit of the purchased assets, derived only from the commercial risk assumed by the investor.

The underlying Sukuk assets must be Shariah-compliant

The assets or businesses underlying the Sukuk cannot be related to the production or sale of gambling, alcohol or other prohibited products.

Use of uncertainty and speculation is prohibited

All rights and obligations related to the investment certificate must be transparent and clear.

Other thematic products

Thematic products can also include crypto-currencies, artificial intelligence, real estate, health care and various other fields. Islamic investments are based on the principles of Islamic finance, which are aimed at honestly meeting the financial needs of investors. The most commonly used types of halal investments are Islamic capital and Sukuk.

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