Whether you require a short-term overdraft or a longer-term loan, PASHA Private Banking can help you find the perfect solution for your financial needs. Our team will work with you to create a bespoke financing solution that is simple, straightforward and tailored to your requirements.

Lines of credit cards

PASHA Private Banking's overdraft facility is a flexible, short-term way to manage borrowing within a pre-approved limit. Setting an overdraft limit allows you to spend more than you actually have in your account, which can be a useful money managing tool. We do not charge our customers to set up an arranged overdraft, although you could be charged interest depending on which account you have.


If you need additional financing for a large luxury purchase such as a car or a yacht, we can help. We offer a range of financing options on favourable terms.

Cash secured loans

PASHA Bank can offer competitive interest rates through cash secured loans. If you have securities that are eligible as collateral, we will work with you to create suitable credit solutions that meet your requirements and circumstances.

Luxury real estate

PASHA Bank offers its clients luxury real estate finance, and our dedicated team can help you with all aspects of real estate-related transactions in both the domestic and international markets.